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Subaru vehicles are certainly built to last. However, over time, wear and tear is inevitable. Our service technicians at Blaise Alexander Subaru of Lewiston have a few tips to help extend the life of your used Subaru vehicle.

Get Routine Maintenance

Maintenance isn’t just beneficial for increasing your vehicle’s lifespan, it’s also a crucial part of owning a car. After all, certain parts of your vehicle aren’t meant to last forever. You want to ensure your car’s tires, engine oil, lights, turn signals, batteries, and more are all regularly inspected and maintained.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is certainly unsafe, but it’s also bad for your vehicle. Frequently slamming on your brakes due to tailgating can cause your brakes to wear prematurely. Plus, driving at excessive speeds can cause extra wear on your engine parts too.

Keep Your Car in the Garage

Keeping your vehicle safely stored will definitely help increase its lifespan. The heat from the sun can cause your exterior’s paint to fade and can even cause the coating to become brittle. It’s also best to keep your car in the garage to avoid inclement weather including sleet or hail.

Don’t Ignore Unusual Behavior

Over time, you become accustomed to your engine’s purr and the way your vehicle drives. So, when it starts acting unusually, that typically means there is an issue. Watch for these warning signs that may signal a repair is necessary.

·        Knocking or grinding noises under the hood

·        Squealing brakes

·        Vibrating when idling

·        Unusual smells

·        Pulling to one side

The trained technicians at our Subaru dealership in Burnham, PA are happy to ensure your used vehicle gets the car that it needs. Come see us today to help extend the life of your car!

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